We are a coaching and consulting practice

We love building a positive and honest culture in teams and assisting teams to do the hard work of getting along with one another. Because let’s face it, it often is hard work. But the rewards of finding and owning your voice is very liberating!

We also love coaching couples and teaching ordinary partners to have relationships that work, that last, and that are fulfilling. Lastly, we do emotional education.

This is what we thrive on: getting people to know themselves and then to coach themselves and everyone around them. This is the world we want to see and be a part of.


Claire H  

Dave Vaughan has been instrumental in our journey, both in business and personal growth. With years of dedication, he’s significantly uplifted our mental health and wellness, creating strategies that deeply supported our clients. Dave’s compassion and expertise have fostered profound connections, guiding individuals through their challenges with a mix of practical advice and emotional support. 


Gill L  

Attending Hester’s workshops on goal setting and creating vision boards was nothing short of transformative. The sessions were not only powerful but deeply inspirational, pushing me to think beyond my limits and envision a future I hadn’t dared to before. Hester’s expertise in guiding us through the process of identifying our true aspirations and how to practically achieve them was remarkable. Her ability to create a supportive and engaging environment encouraged open sharing and mutual encouragement among all participants. 


Kulani Z  

My experience with Hester has been the best! What has stood out for me is her ability to be a good communicator and still be a good listener, Every one of the sessions have left me well pleased


Arnold O  

For nearly two decades, Dave has been a cornerstone of my financial planning journey, starting from our first conversation about retirement. His commitment to putting me first has never wavered. Dave has become more than an advisor; he’s a trusted part of my family, guiding us through annual reviews and major life events.


Naomi K  

My transformation under Dave’s coaching over the last 7 years has been incredible. From a fragile state during our initial marriage counselling to discovering my true worth, the journey has been profound. Dave’s guidance helped me confront past pains, embrace the present, and recognize my potential beyond self-imposed limits.

Dave’s intuition, wisdom, humor, and dedication have been pivotal. I’m just beginning my growth journey, and I owe so much of my progress to Dave. His impact is immeasurable, and I’m excited for what the future holds.


Sara D  

The coaching session I had with Hester was nothing short of miraculous. It’s hard to believe that in less than 60 minutes, I could feel so transformed, but that’s exactly what happened. Hester’s approach was not just about guiding me through the issues at hand; it was a deep and insightful journey into discovering solutions and pathways I hadn’t seen before. The results were immediate, providing me with clear, actionable steps that I could implement with ease.