Welcome to The Unlimited Program

Welcome and Congratulations for making this commitment to invest in yourself. The course title says a lot. You are invited to challenge your limits. You have enrolled in a Coaching Course that will call you to be Brave and take actions that will change your life. That you may be feeling uncertain and possibly daunted by the idea is the confirmation that you are in the right place.

Coaching works on the premise that you have your answers. There will be material that will engage you to think and consider and dig deep but the coaching element will ask you to discover your why. This work can be quite taxing and so after each session you may notice you feel quite tired physically and emotionally. This is a gym for your soul, and recovery is where the growth happens, so factor in some time to relax and process the change.

You started the course the minute you committed to it and so often what shows up is opposition. This too is a key confirmation that you have embarked on an authentic journey towards creating your new reality. Creating a new reality entails letting go of old ones and this can sometimes lead to confrontations that ask you to be courageous and bold in taking empowered actions and setting new boundaries.

We can’t wait to start this adventure with you!


Dave and Hester

Video 1: Onboarding

Video 2: Head Intelligence Part 1

Video 3: The Ego Construction

Video 4: Heart Intelligence

Video 5: Physical Intelligence

Video 6: Uncovering Your Purpose

Video 6: Uncovering Your Purpose​

Video 7: Financial Intelligence