We are a coaching and consulting practice

We love building a positive and honest culture in teams and assisting teams to do the hard work of getting along with one another. Because let’s face it, it often is hard work. But the rewards of finding and owning your voice is very liberating!

We also love coaching couples and teaching ordinary partners to have relationships that work, that last, and that are fulfilling. Lastly, we do emotional education.

This is what we thrive on: getting people to know themselves and then to coach themselves and everyone around them. This is the world we want to see and be a part of.

Wellbeing coach and consultant

Dave Vaughan

Hi. I am Dave. Here’s some of my story… 

I was born in Durban South Africa in 1971 the 3rd son of 4 boys. I am a Husband to Hester and a Father to James and Gabi. I did most of my schooling and growing up in the beautiful Cape of Good Hope and hope that has some bearing on the work I love to do. 

School was a place I attended so I could play sports. I was always very competitive and even today I am still learning to notice the difference between the healthy and not so healthy competitive nature. 

I love to talk and so the journey of becoming a coach has been interesting as the very nature of coaching is to listen! Leaning into listening has also given me a tremendous freedom to see and hear people and their profound and interesting stories and has become a practise I now employ. 

Having said this I feel that I have a way that calls people to take responsibility for their lives and to encourage them to bravely step into their respective purpose and passion. I come alive talking about the deeper issues of life and the possibilities that can be realised when you are prepared to boldly make calls for yourself that are imperative to change the way things look right now. 

I am still an avid fitness freak and compete in triathlons as exercise is a place where I connect with myself, others and also find it contemplative and cathartic (especially the endorphins). 

I hope this gives you a little insight into me and now enough about me – let’s hear your story!

Life and financial coach

Hester Vaughan

Hi, I’m Hester Vaughan. 

I partner with professionals to help them rediscover their purpose. 

I have worked in the coaching space for most of my adult life: first as a financial coach and consultant and now as a personal and executive coach. I love teaching, I love holding a safe space for you to discover your special space in this world. 

I love sharing my battle stories if it will help you move through your life a little easier, leaving you feeling less alone.